Sunday, December 15, 2013

Letters after Lindisfarne

The exhibition is currently showing. There were so many pieces that they were split alphabetically. I am in the first section and I am reproducing my double page spread below. There is a website and all the works can be seen here. I am so pleased that there is an online exhibition because I was able to download my work. I had quickly photographed the piece before sending it, but at such haste that the result was appalling. Now I have an image I can see and share.

I am a member of South Wales Scribes and we had a workshop around the Letters after Lindisfarne project with Lin Kerr. Lin had some very sound advice about layout and I have some images from that workshop to show soon. Lin also gave the advice to make two copies at the same time. As I promised a copy to the author of the smaller quotation it was a good idea. It didn't turn out as expected, but I'll go into that story again.

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