Friday, July 29, 2011

Jacques le Roux

Passeurs de Memoire, a homage to Jacques le Roux, a very inventive and influential European calligrapher, an exhibition at Musee Chinitreuil in Pont de Vaux was a pleasant holiday surprise.

It features work by many calligraphers including Marion Andrews,Julien Chazal and Claude Medavilla.
A beautiful exhibitionm of contemporary calligraphy.

Update 11 October.
It seems such a long time since the warm days of summer and my trip round the Museum to see this exhibition. I am sadly no closer to understanding more about Jacques le Roux, but circumstances today require that I make more of a effort. 
The circumstances - talking to students at Swansea Metropolitan University about blogging. The consequence - make more of an effort.

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